Monday, October 13, 2014

Esta Semana Fue SUPER Bien

Another pretty superb week here in the mish! 

On Wednesday all of the missionaries had the awesome opportunity to watch Meet the Mormons at each of their church buildings. I never thought I'd get to watch a movie on my mission but I'm most certainly thankful we got to see this one! I absolutely LOVED it! It was so simple and beautiful and real! I also liked how it never tried to force our beliefs on the audience but it just portrayed the genuine happiness of these 6 families through their faith in Jesus Christ. 

We had exchanges this week! Hermana Michael went to Logan Square with Hermana Izu and I stayed in our area with Hermana Hammond! Hermana Hammond is so great we definitely had a fun time on Friday. We had a couple appointments and they both went really well! We made an effort to have a kneeling prayer with everyone after each lesson and it's been quite a beautiful experience. It's definitely something that brings everyone together and invites the spirit. I made some arepas for Hermana Hammond and showed her how to do it. That was way fun! Since I made lunch she decided to cook some eggs for dinner and well... you'll see how delightful those bad boys turned out in the picture! We just threw them in a tortilla and it worked out haha. They were delicious I promise! 

On Saturday I got to go to the Chicago Temple! SUCH an amazing experience! We went because there was a family getting sealed that Hermana Michael used to visit in her old area. It was so beautiful to meet that family and to see them be sealed together. Every time I go to the temple my testimony is strengthened and I feel so close to my Heavenly Father and my Savior. There's no doubt that the temple is the House of God and I encourage all those who can to go to the temple as often as possible! Make it a priority because the temple can bless our lives and our families in so many ways. 

After we got home from the temple our landlords asked if we could do some service for them by working in our apartment. Sharon is such a gem! While I was touching up one of the doors in our apartment she came up to me and asked how "service points" work. Like if she needed to sign a paper to let President know we were actually doing service haha. I explained to her that we just genuinely love serving others and that all she needed to do was tell us how we could help her. I don't think she expected an answer like that, but she thought it was really cool that the reason we do this is to simply offer our help to others and make them happy; to serve the children of God. (Mosiah 2:17!)

Our investigators are doing pretty well! I really love meeting with them and seeing them progress. We just really need to get them to church so please pray for them! They're so great I love them. 

Well I love you all so much and can't thank you enough for your prayers and support. Keep smiling! 

Hermana Knowles
Elder Dominguez singing happy birthday to himself

Venezuelan cachitos!

el templo

Some street names for Tasha and Tami.

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