Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet

Ok so... CONFERENCE! Wasn't it amazing? If anyone didn't watch it I most certainly recommend you do that ASAP! There's no doubt in my mind that the leaders of the church have been called of God. Their messages are so precious and I know that as we follow their counsel we will find so much happiness and be able to strengthen our testimonies. The scripture on my missionary plaque was recited like 3 times! Can you say important? Helaman 5:12! We must always look to our Savior and put our trust in Him. He will always take care of us and comfort us. As we face steadfastly towards the Savior we will be able to overcome the trials and temptations in our lives and find peace, guidance, and understanding. Also I may or may not have flipped out a little when Uchtdorf began his message talking about astronomy. That made me so happy! 

Saturday morning was a little crazy. There's this man that another companionship of Hermanas were teaching who got baptized on Saturday in between the sessions of conference! But before he was able to be baptized he needed to get married to the lady he's been living with so there was a wedding in the morning before conference! Then in between the sessions he was baptized. You could say it was a crazy day. Hermana Stout and I decorated the relief society room for the wedding and we were pretty impressed with ourselves. Haha. 

Another miracle! When we got to the chapel on Sunday for conference there was a girl there who we were talking to and she said she hadn't been to church in about six years and just felt like she needed to come back because something was missing in her life. So she just drove herself to conference that morning! How cool is that? We set a time to meet with her and get to know her a little better so I'm definitely excited about that. 

We had our first district meeting of the transfer on Wednesday with the two new members of our district! They're way awesome. Elder Yeates and Hermana Mansfield. We also found out that the missionaries are going to be able to watch Meet the Mormons! I'm way stoked about that! EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE IT if it's playing in a theater near you. I'm sure it's awesome. I'm going to watch it this week after district meeting! 

I'm quickly realizing the impact my musical background is having on my missionary experience. Not only am I now teaching four kids piano, one of our investigators, a young girl we're teaching, asked me if I would show her how to play a few things on guitar and I was so excited about that! Now we get to share the gospel and our talents when we visit them! What more could I possibly ask for? I absolutely love visiting this family and I'm so thankful we have the opportunity to teach them. The mom prayed for the first time with us the other day and it was amazing! Usually the daughter would pray and her mom would say she'd do it another time, but she finally prayed! Such a blessing! We have another investigator who is also progressing really well. It's amazing as we continue to recognize the various ways the Lord has prepared her to receive our message. Hermana Michael and I have been really blessed in seeing a lot of miracles.

So we went to the mission home to drop off some supplies that the other Hermanas borrowed from the Woodburys for a wedding the other day. We were just expecting to drop them off and be on our way but that most certainly didn't happen! The Woodburys invited us in and we all had dinner together and I even got on the piano and played a few hymns for everyone. That was so unexpected and a little awkward but it was definitely fun. During dinner President shared with us a story from when he was in college and it was absolutely hilarious! So there was a parade and he and his friend thought it would be funny to dress up as clowns and just join in the parade without asking for permission from anyone actually in the parade. How funny is that?! Everyone thought they were apart of the parade and thought they were so funny, but they legitimately just dressed up and acted like clowns in the parade for fun. Such a good idea haha

Quick shout out to the SBCs! I noticed Elder Oaks said forgo at least twice in his talk. That is all. I love you guys! 

Today our landlords are taking us to the museums! I'm stoked! Our landlords are so adorable and they've been looking forward to this for a while and so have we! We got up around 5:45 this morning so we would still be able to have a couple hours of study before we head out because they want to leave at 8:15. I'm so excited to see the museums I hear they're awesome! 

Well I hope everyone is doing so great! I love you all so much and I look forward to hearing from you! 

The church is true, the book is blue.
Keep smiling my beautiful friends and family!

Hermana Knowles

These black eye peas are probably the closest things I'll get to modern day music haha

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