Monday, October 27, 2014

El Plan de Dios Puedo Seguir

My email subject is one of the songs the primary kids are singing for their program :) in English it's "I Will Follow God's Plan."

On Tuesday I had my last NEW missionary training meeting! I really enjoyed it. President gave an awesome lesson where he broke down each part of D&C 4:2, "Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day." We went over how we can serve God with ALL of our HEART, MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH. I always leave these meetings pretty pumped to do the work and it's awesome! Towards the end of the meeting the new missionaries and the trainers split off for a few minutes for a spiritual message. While I was with all the new missionaries so much came to my mind that I felt like I needed to share, but I also felt like I wasn't supposed to share it right then. It was a little confusing but I felt like I knew I would be given an opportunity to share these thoughts later. When we rejoined with the other missionaries president began to conclude the meeting and he said before the meeting was over he felt inspired that I should come up and share my testimony. Can I just say how much I love the Spirit? It's amazing! So when I went up I felt like I knew exactly what I was supposed to say and it brought me to tears. My message was simply that we must live our missions right now in a way that we will be so excited to share the things we've done and learned with our children. When the Spirit brought that to my attention it really touched me and put things into perspective. I know that my mission doesn't end here in Chicago, but that I will be a missionary my whole life. I also know that there are people here who are waiting for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives and I will cherish these experiences of serving them forever. 

After the new missionary training meeting Hermana Michael and I went and knocked a couple potential new investigators and they either weren't home or didn't want to listen to us. So we headed back to the car and we saw a young man walking on the opposite side of the road from where we parked and both Hermana Michael and I felt that we should talk to him but we didn't tell each other. It was a very subtle feeling for both of us. We ended up just getting in the car and we drove down the road and made a uturn to get back on the main road so we passed him a second time. We both got that subtle feeling again and Hermana Michael began to ask me if I thought we should go back and talk to him, and before she could finish I basically interrupted her by saying, "YES!" So we turn around again and I felt a little bad because we parked pretty close to him then proceeded to get out and talk to him. We explained how we are missionaries and how we felt it was important for us to turn around and talk to him and asked him for his thoughts. He said, "I think that's a sign from God." He said that he's been going through a lot of hardship right now and we shared our testimonies with him. He said he's been pleading with God to help him and I know that Heavenly Father gave us that prompting to talk to him as an answer to his prayers. 

President had me share another last minute message at church yesterday during sacrament meeting. He came and spoke to our ward which was awesome! He invited me to come up in the middle of his talk to share a quick experience from when we brought a member to a lesson with us. I think my on the spot spanish wasn't too bad! I'm definitely getting better. We had a few pretty great member presents this week. The members in this ward are amazing! They're always so willing to help and their desire to serve really touches my heart. So far in my mission I've definitely realized that this work is pretty impossible without the help of members. They bring the love of the ward into the members home and their support helps the investigator feel more comfortable. When members are there it helps show how special the gospel is to us and how much we want to share it because we know that it is something that can bless their lives more than anything else. I spent the last two hours of church with the primary again, playing piano for them. It's always a good time with the primary! 

On Friday we got to our first appointment pretty early because Hermana Michael forgot how time worked so we knocked some doors in the meantime. When we knock complexes we look at the mailboxes first to find Hispanic families to leave all the English speakers for the English missionaries in that area. While I was looking at one of the mailboxes I saw a post it that said "Sister Kershaw and Sister Geracitano." They're so awesome! So we buzzed their apartment and Sister Geracitano answered and laughed. I can't believe we found their apartment while we were knocking! Sister Geracitano is from Australia and President asked her to get a drivers license. She said she had just gotten back from taking the test and she passed! She also mentioned how during the test was her first time ever driving on an American road! She told us, "can you believe I passed? Now that was God!" Haha

Saturday was the ward Halloween party at church! Our ward went all out with their costumes it was awesome and hilarious! A lot of them were even in character too haha! We helped decorate a little and got to hang out with the members so it was a lot of fun! I'll definitely share some pictures from that.

Well I hope everyone is fantastic! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Keep smiling!

Hermana Knowles

All the hermanas at the new missionary training meeting.

One of the members made us breakfast.

Halloween party!

Our bishop and his wife, they're so funny!

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