Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Navidad en Chicago!

What the Christmas?! That came so fast! Sorry I don't have a lot of
time so this email will be pretty short but I at least wanted to wish
everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We've been caroling as a district a lot
and spreading the spirit of Christmas to everyone! The relief society
gave all the missionaries an awesome gift of food and other
essentials! They're the best! I've really been able to feel the love
of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ throughout this
Christmas season and I hope you all have been able to as well and
continue to experience the joy of the Gospel!

 I love my Savior and I'm so thankful to have this knowledge of Him in
my life and this opportunity I have to serve others and help them come
to a knowledge of our Savior as well as I serve as a full time
representative of the Lord. This church is true. There is no doubt
whatsoever in my mind. Our loving Father in Heaven has a plan for each
of us and it is perfect. There is never anything that we have to go
through in our lives alone. We will always have the comfort of our
Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all and I'm so very thankful for such
loving family and friends. I pray for you each day and I'm seeing the
impact of your prayers as well. Have a Feliz Navidad and... keep
smiling :)

Hermana Knowles

Yareli her aunt and her cousin all in white! Yareli is the one with
the rock star pose :)

Missionary Selfies

Gingerbread cookies


Relief Society Christmas

R.S. Christmas present

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