Monday, February 2, 2015

Creo en Cristo, Él es mi Rey!

It's a new transfer! You know what that means! Guess who is STAYING in Chicago 4th for their 5th transfer? Hermana Knowles! Crazy! And guess who my new companion is? Hermana Dowdle! Double crazy! Hermana Dowdle and I were in the CCM together! She's awesome we're going to have a blast! I'm pretty sure someone from the Wiley Canyon Ward (my home Ward) is related to her. I want to say her aunt? I'm not positive but that's still pretty cool! I'm sure we'll figure it out.

I'm really going to miss Hermana Gonzalez. She's amazing! We've had so much fun these past two transfers and she's really taught me so much. I feel like we went through a lot together and it was pretty apparent that we were supposed to be companions. She has such a powerful testimony and is such an awesome missionary. I gave her something to give to Pete since she's going home to West Jordan so some of the family will probably get to meet her soon! 

This week was pretty great! We went to visit Esperanza and Fernando on Tuesday (we see this wonderful family every Tuesday). Hermano brought out his sombrero and guitar and sang for us! It was way sweet! That was such a fun visit!

On Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer and it went great! Afterwards we had a meeting with our zone about how we can become more consecrated missionaries. I really enjoyed that meeting. I feel like when people hear about missionary work they think it's crazy that someone would leave everything for 18 months or 2 years. But if you really think about it, that's not a lot of time. I have just about a year left on my mission and I want to make the MOST of this time. Just like we talked about in that meeting, the way we can make the most out of our missions is by completely devoting ourselves to the Lord and His work. I've also have really started to notice how much I've changed so far as a full time servant of the Lord. We're not just helping others come unto Christ and change their lives but the Lord is shaping His servants. 

We hadn't seen Ellie since Hermana Hammond and I found her knocking and we weren't planning on seeing her on Friday but I felt like we should stop by so we did. Well she was home and she let us in again! We taught her the restoration and the spirit was so strong in her home. At the end I invited her to be baptized and she said yes. Ellie is AMAZING. She's been through a lot, her faith is strong, and she said she feels like this would be a decision that will bless her family. She prefers English though so we have to pass her onto the English sisters, but I will most certainly be there when she gets baptized!

So there was a pretty gnarly storm yesterday! It snowed ALL day and night! We tried to go to one of our appointments but when we got to the car it didn't take us long to realize we wouldn't be able to go anywhere that day. But while we were out there was a family that was coming home across the way and their van got stuck in the snow so we helped them shovel their way out! It took forever and I couldn't feel my face or fingers when we were done BUT we got them in their parking spot so it worked out! We spent the rest of the day helping our downstairs neighbor, Sister Jensen, finish a quilt. It turned out awesome! It's for one of the sister missionaries who is going home to Italy this week! 

It took us 2 hours to shovel ourselves out of the parking lot this morning! There's SO MUCH SNOW outside! While we were driving to go get our groceries we noticed some people who's car was stuck halfway in the street so we pulled over and helped them push the car out of the snow and into the road and helped them finish shoveling their driveway. And guess what! They're all spanish speakers! We told the woman about the church and got her information so hopefully we'll visit with her and her family soon! It was so cool! On our way back to the car Hermana Gonzalez and I took pictures on the sidewalk where the snow had been cleared. So much snow, but it makes for great service opportunities! 

Anyway, I love this work! I love the Lord and I love being a missionary. I can't say it enough. The church is TRUE. I know it's true with all my heart and I love being able to testify that to everyone here each day. I love my Father in Heaven and I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God. I hope everyone is doing great! I love you all and I thank my Heavenly Father each day for my amazing family and friends.

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles
View from the museum last P-day

Farewell for the Chicago 4th missionaries from the ward.

Robledo kids!

Me sitting on the sidewalk.

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