Wednesday, March 18, 2015

you WILL receive a transfer call

Hey family!

Sorry this email is going to be pretty short this day has been pretty
crazy! I'll just tell you what you're all probably dying to know! I'm
getting TRANSFERRED! Tomorrow I will be meeting my new companion. I
will finish training a missionary in the Chicago Heights area! BUT GET
THIS! I'm not sure how long this will last but... I've been switched
to ENGLISH. I'm sure I'll get switched back to Spanish eventually but
this transfer President was short ONE English sister missionary so he
said he picked me to switch because he knows my Spanish is really good
and I won't lose it. Honestly, I'm SO EXCITED! I know the Lord has big
things in store and I can't wait to go serve the people there! I love
you all so much and I'll write a more detailed email next week!

Keep smiling!

Hermana Knowles

A few people I've been blessed to serve!

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