Monday, March 30, 2015

Yo Sé Que Vive Mi Señor

Hey everyone! 

Had another fun week here in Chicago Heights! We have a couple really awesome new investigators who I love so very much! It was so funny we went to go teach someone for the first time and she was so excited when we came. Her name is Lapetrice. She was like, "My sister lives next door let me go knock and have her listen too!" She bangs on the door and we faintly hear, "Who is it?!" Lapetrice says, "It's yo sista come listen to these missionaries! We need to go to their church!" It was so great and this whole through the door conversation between her and her sister was going on as we were awkwardly sitting on the couch next to the open door (there was just a small hallway in between the apartments). Anyway! So we were able to teach both of them about the Restoration of the Gospel. It was a great lesson and she's very excited to meet with us again! 

We went out to lunch with a member and a couple investigators on Thursday! That was so fun. Lesley and her friend Maxine are investigating the church right now and they're so awesome! I sure do love them! They're both absolutely hilarious too. I guess Maxine used to live in the city and she was telling us about when she first moved to a suburb. She just thought she lived around a ton of wild animals. She was saying how the first time she saw a raccoon she was looking through her window and said, "I think I just saw a small bear!" Or one time she saw a dog or something run across the street and she thought it was a cheetah haha! They both came to watch the general women's broadcast at the church too! It was so AWESOME! 

Speaking of the women's broadcast, I LOVED it! I especially loved President Eyring's talk. Everyone should go read or watch it, it was so good! I also loved how everything was centered on the family. I just can't wait for General Conference this weekend! EVERYONE needs to watch it! Please please please do whatever you need to do to be able to watch conference. There's nothing better than being able to receive counsel from our leaders. I'm so pumped! 

We were able to have dinner with a lot of members this week too! Last night I had my first taste of Tongan food with the Falahola family. Sister Fangupo was so excited haha. It was way good! The members here are awesome. We were talking to one about how we only have two CDs in our car to listen to and she let us borrow a CD with some gospel style hymns it's so great! 

Our area is pretty big! We were looking at a list of all the members in our area and some of them are way down in the middle of no where so we took a few hours to go down there and visit them! It was crazy, just a bunch of spread out farms in the southern part of the area. So that was quite the adventure. 

Well this morning we received a very unexpected call from President Woodbury! Not only did he wish me a happy birthday but he also informed us that I will be getting transferred tomorrow night. I'm not exactly sure where my new area is or who my companion is but I will finish training this new companion! Here's the situation: I guess there was an Hermana who got sick and had to go home so her companion was left in a trio. There is also a trio of English Sisters from last transfer. So I'm going to take the place of the sweet Hermana that went home so they're not in a trio anymore and one of the English Sisters in their trio will come and finish training Sister Fangupo. I'm pretty sad I only got two weeks in Chicago Heights with Sister Fangupo! She's so awesome and has SUCH a powerful testimony. I know the Lord needs me to go serve somewhere else and wherever that is I'm excited to see what's in store. I'm so thankful for the time I had with Sister Fangupo and all that we were able to learn from each other. I love the people of Chicago Heights and I'm excited for the work that Sister Fangupo and her new companion have to do. I can't wait to hear all about it! I'll let you all know where I end up next Monday and who my new companion is for sure. 

I know that the work in which I am engaged is the work of the Lord. I know this church is true and I love this Gospel with all my heart. I'll go wherever the Lord needs me and I'm very excited for my new area and to meet the people I will be blessed to serve. I've found so much happiness as I serve others as a full time missionary. Something I will always cherish is the great love I am able to feel for each of Heavenly Father's children, and the opportunity I have to bring the restored gospel into their lives. I love each of you and please please watch General Conference this weekend! I know the leaders of the church are called of God and each of us can receive revelation from something that will be said this weekend. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes so far it's been an awesome day! Stay strong!

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles

Yo sé que vive mi Señor
1.Yo sé que vive mi Señor;

consuelo es poder saber

que vive aunque muerto fue

y siempre Su amor tendré.

Él vive para bendecir,

y ante Dios por mí pedir.

Él vive para sustentar

y a mi alma alentar.
2.Él vive para sostener

y con Su mano proteger.

Él vive para escuchar

y oídos a mis quejas dar.

Él vive para alentar

y mis angustias sosegar.

Él vive para ayudar

y a mi alma consolar.
3.Él vive, mi amigo fiel;

me ama para siempre Él.

Él vive ̮y siempre cantaré:

Él vive, mi Señor y Rey.

Por Él la vida yo tendré;

la muerte yo conquistaré.

Mi gran mansión preparará,

y viviré con Él allá.
4.Él vive, ̮y yo lo honraré.

A Cristo siempre alabaré.

Gozoso, canto con fervor:

Yo sé que vive mi Señor.

Él vive, ̮y yo lo honraré.

A Cristo siempre ̮alabaré.

Gozoso, canto con fervor:

Yo sé que vive mi Señor.

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