Thursday, July 30, 2015

Qué Firmes Cimientos

July 20, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!
Not a ton of time again but here are some fun highlights of the week :)

So we get home one night and we park our car in our child size garage. As we're recording our miles for the day our neighbor comes in and literally yells (scaring both of us), "my sisters are home!" Then she continues by asking if we were hungry and invites us into her home and she serves us this Puerto Rican food she made. It was so random cause we've only really talked to her once but it was awesome! We're hoping we can continue to build a friendship with them and she if they're interested in hearing about the gospel!

Saturday was transfer call day and Hermana Anderson and I will be staying together for six more weeks here in Cicero! We're stoked! We just had a blast and a half together last transfer and we're definitely excited to keep working hard and having fun!

We went back to the foster building on Saturday to see a little girl in the 5th ward get baptized! Hermana Anderson worked with that family so we were excited to be there and support them. I was also able to see some members from the fourth ward too! It was so good to see them!

We're making progress here in the area! It's slow but we're taking steps forward for sure. We've definitely been able to build better relationships with members which is super important! We went around and heart attacked a few doors and they really loved that. We totally lied to a member and said it wasn't us and I think she's still trying to figure it out so maybe we'll ease her mind next time we see her and come clean haha. It's been a good week overall!

I feel like I'm really growing and learning a lot here. My testimony is being strengthened each day as I continue to study the scriptures and apply the things I'm learning and constantly have it on my mind. This gospel is just so perfect. Everything about it. We may not have a perfect knowledge of everything but the fundamental principles of the gospel is enough. It gives me comfort. It brings me joy. It stretches me and helps me grow. It makes me want to be better and serve others. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. I love being a missionary!

Some scriptures I really liked from my personal study.

2 Nephi 26:24-28

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles

"Hey Hermana Shipp what's your favorite hymn?"

"How Firm a Foundation."

"Great thanks!"

I think verse 3 and 5 are my favorites :) ....and 1- 7 ;)

Qué firmes cimientos
1. ¡Qué firmes cimientos, oh santos de Dios,
tenéis por la fe ̮en Su palabra de amor!
¿Qué más, pues, hará Cristo ya para vos,
si ya os promete, si ya os promete,
si ya os promete ser vuestro Defensor?
2. En vida o muerte, salud o dolor,
a ricos y pobres que tengan Su luz,
en mar o en tierra, en todo lugar,
de todo peligro, de todo peligro,
de todo peligro os libra Jesús.
3. “Pues ya no temaís, y escudo seré,
que soy vuestro Dios y socorro tendréis;
y fuerza y vida y paz os daré,
y salvos de males, y salvos de males,
y salvos de males vosotros seréis”.
4. “Y cuando torrentes tengáis que pasar,
los ríos del mal no os pueden turbar,
pues yo las tormentas podré aplacar,
salvando mis santos, salvando mis santos,
salvando mis santos de todo pesar.”
5. “La llama no puede dañaros jamás
si en medio del fuego os ordeno pasar.
El oro del alma más puro será,
pues sólo la escoria, pues sólo la escoria,
pues sólo la escoria se habrá de quemar.”
6. “Mi amor invariable, eterno y leal,
constante a mi pueblo mostrarle podré.
Si blancos cabellos ya cubren tu sien,
cual tierno cordero, cual tierno cordero,
cual tierno cordero yo os cuidaré.”
7. “Al alma que anhele la paz que hay en mí,
no quiero, no puedo dejar en error;
yo lo sacaré de tinieblas a luz,
y siempre guardarlo, y siempre guardarlo,
y siempre guardarlo con grande amor.”
awkward elder/sister picture with elder Gomez :)

Hermana Kohlhase


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