Monday, August 25, 2014

Fresh Off The Plane

So Monday was basically the longest day ever. I left the CCM around
3:30AM to get to the airport. You could say it was exhausting haha.
The flight was about 4 hours and I sat next to this guy named
Francisco who was going to Chicago to visit his brother. He saw my
name tag and that I was reading the Book of Mormon so naturally he
asked me a bunch of questions. He hardly spoke any English so our
entire conversation was in Spanish and I was quite happy on how well I
did talking to him. We mainly talked about religion. We had a lot of
the same views and I was able to clarify things he didn't quite
understand about the LDS Church. I even shared with him a scripture in
Alma 30:44 because we were talking about how astronomy relates to
religion and he really enjoyed that scripture. After the flight I gave
him a copy of El Libro de Mormón with my testimony written in Spanish
on the inside cover. He really appreciated that I did that. He was so
genuine in thanking me and wished me the best of luck on my mission.
I'm really thankful for that experience.

When we got to the airport we met President Woodbury and his wife.
THEY'RE THE BEST! After we met them they gave us a packed lunch and
took us to the train station. We received a copy of the Book of Mormon
and some pass along cards and were asked to get on the train and share
the gospel with people! I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I gave my copy of the Book
of Mormon to the first person I talked to. That conversation was in
Spanish too! After we got off the train we got to see the city a
little. We took pictures at the BEAN and in front of the replica they
have here of the Buckingham Fountain, or something like that, I don't
remember exactly what it's called. It was way cool! Then we got back
on the train and went to the mission home. There we had some deep dish
pizza, which was basically the best, then we had interviews with
president which I absolutely loved as well. President Woodbury is
amazing. He's so spiritually in tune and I can really tell that he
loves this work.

Tuesday morning we had our transfer meeting where I met my new
companion, Hermana Michael! She's awesome! She's from San Jose
California and she's been on her mission for almost a year now. We
work really well together and I'm really thankful to have her as my
trainer. We're working so hard here! I love our area. Our area is
called Chicago 4th Spanish Northwest. It goes from Glenview, IL down to
just east of the O'Hare airport I'm pretty sure. Still trying to get
used to everything haha. Our first day together we pretty much spent
all of it moving apartments and helping a couple other sisters move
too. Hermana Shipp from my district in the MTC is in my ward! I'm
pretty excited about that.

So I went to the mission office on Tuesday and got the package from
mom and Delaney. It was hilarious because the box it came in was all
beat up and fragile was written all over it. I laughed pretty hard
when I saw it. Anyway, thanks so much! I love it and my companion and
I have been enjoying the cookies. I really appreciated that! Mail
makes my whole day. I also got the package from the laurels in the
Wiley Canyon Ward! Thank you guys so much! I loved it! You guys are
the best. I'll use that little water gun to keep those elders in
check. Or maybe I'll just give it to my companion to keep me awake
during all these long meetings haha.

So our landlords here at the apartment are basically the most adorable
senior couple ever. Sharon always texts us or comes and drops stuff
off to make sure were settled ok. She also wants to take us to the
PLANETARIUM one pday. Let's just say I'm way excited about that!
They're the best! She's also been reading the Book of Mormon. She said
she's in Alma! How cool is that?

Like I said my companion and I have been working really hard. We've
taught a few lessons and knocked on a bunch of doors. We also helped a
family move out of the ward. That took a good portion of the day,
about 7 1/2 hours. I love service! So I really love the ward I'm
serving in. I shared my testimony during sacrament with the other new
missionaries in the ward and I played piano for Sunday school and
relief society. They're all so welcoming and excited about missionary
work so I can't wait to get to know them a little better and work with

Well those are the highlights of the week. I hope everyone is doing
super well and can't wait to hear from everyone. Please write me
sometime! I love this work. I love sharing my testimony with others. I
love this gospel. I know with all my heart it is true and has the
power to bless lives and help us feel closer to our Heavenly Father
and Savior Jesus Christ.

Keep smiling my beautiful friends and family,

Hermana Knowles

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