Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hope of Israel (Juventud de Israel)

This week was pretty superb. I'm learning so much, my testimony is growing each day, I feel closer to my Savior, and my Spanish is progressing quickly! In fact my companion and I are doing so well with our Spanish that we've been asked to be tutors for some Elders in another district. That's been going really well. I feel like we've helped them a lot. I'm so thankful for my Spanish background. I'm learning so much and I have the opportunity to help others! What a blessing. We taught a lot on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE teaching! The Spirit is always so strong and I love sharing my testimony. Even though everyone I've taught so far is already a member of the church, I feel the Spirit and the love I have for them because they are my brothers and sisters and I truly want my testimony to touch their hearts. So fast Sunday at the CCM was really great. All the missionaries did a 24 hour fast. In relief society we went over 1Nephi 17 & 18 and how Nephi was commanded to build a ship. We talked about how the Lord told him where he would be able to get ore to build the tools necessary for the task. Nephi was so obedient and never complained to the Lord that it was too great a task. I guess that just goes back to 1 Nephi 3:7. But then we related these chapters to our lives as missionaries. The Lord has called us to a great task. To go wherever were needed to preach His gospel for 24 or 18 months. He has also provided the tools for us to accomplish this. Our Heavenly Father and Savior will never leave us hanging. Isn't that comforting? Of course this isn't just for missionaries, but in our everyday! Think of the tools that have been provided for you to accomplish your great task. Maybe it's patience, love, the power of prayer, the scriptures, your testimony, the Spirit, you name it! These tools will always be available to us as we seek our righteous goals.

For service yesterday we folded sheets again with Hermano Fragoso! What a gem. This is seriously the most efficient way I've ever seen to fold elastic sheets and I hope I remember it forever. I also sang in the missionary choir yesterday for the devotional! We sang Hope of Israel! So fun.

I want to share a cool experience I had with my patriarchal blessing. When I got it, it talked a little about my mission and how I needed to use the next year to prepare. After reading that I looked at the date I received my blessing which was July 7, 2013. Then I remembered the day I was set apart as a missionary, July 7, 2014. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. I'm so thankful to be here on my mission and be able to share these experiences with everyone each week. I love you all so much! Keep smiling my sweet family and friends!

The church is true, the book is blue.

Hermana Knowles

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