Monday, September 29, 2014

¡Seis Semanas Mas!

So everyone got their transfer assignments on Saturday and I will be staying here in Chicago 4 with Hermana Michael for another 6 weeks! Exciting stuff. I definitely feel more familiar with this area and have gotten to know the members a lot better so I'm really excited to stay here and keep moving forward. 

This week was pretty busy mostly with appointments. I'm pretty sure we taught a total of 14 lessons which was awesome! Our stake president asked us to work with the members specifically emphasizing chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel which is all about finding people to teach. So we met with a lot of members this week and dropped by a loaf of banana bread (still have tons of bananas in the freezer), a copy of chapter 9, and a few pass along cards with our information on the back. We have awesome members and I can tell our visits have gotten them a little more excited to share the gospel with their friends. It's so important that the missionaries and the members work together! We're a team! There are people waiting to hear the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that members can have a greater impact on than missionaries at times. It's absolutely essential that we work together to hasten the work. 

Ok so when some people in the ward found out that I was teaching a couple kids piano on Saturday mornings, they thought that was the coolest thing so long story short I now have 4 students haha. Hermana Michael told me I better get used to it because I'll most likely be teaching piano throughout my mission. I think that's awesome! I think I'm going to start having each kid sign the front pages of my personal hymn book so I can look back and see all the kids I taught piano on my mission. Pretty neat huh? 

On Friday morning we took our car in to get a bike hitch attached and we weren't sure how long it would take. The worker ended up telling us it would take a few hours and we certainly didn't plan on that haha. But it was a total blessing because the shop we dropped the car off is located directly across the street from the member who was going to come with us to our next appointment! We did have quite a bit of time before we had scheduled to go to her house so we decided to have lunch and guess what was also right across the street!? Firehouse Subs. You better believe that's where we ate! Memories man. 

Last night our landlady asked us to help her decorate some pumpkins so we went downstairs and painted pumpkins with her. It was way fun she's such a sweet lady. She's a member of some group that I can't remember the name of at the moment but she's able to get into the museums for free and she invited us to go with her next pday! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! I'm going to the PLANETARIUM! I'm so dang excited about that haha. After we finished painting the pumpkins she told us to take them back to our apartment and we were a little confused because we thought she was going to use them to decorate the building but she just gave them to us. She's such a gem! She really appreciated our time and I was thankful for that. 

So it's kinda almost CONFERENCE! I'm stoked! The women's session on Saturday was awesome! I loved how it focused on the temple and the blessings we receive through our temple attendance and goals. I don't remember which talk it was but one of the sisters discussed how we prepare ourselves to go to the temple is drop by drop (relating to the story of the ten virgins) or through our day to day actions. I love how that preparation doesn't have to be regarded to just our temple preparation but also in preparation to receive promised blessings and eventually leading to our ultimate goal of entering the Celestial Kingdom. I also loved when they talked about how our homes must be a sacred place as well. The home is so important! That's where we learn and grow as a family. Where we can feel the Spirit together and find comfort. The words to a primary song just came to my mind where it says "Home can be a Heaven on Earth." That's so beautiful to me and I pray that we can all strive to keep our homes a sacred place, even if you're away from home or not with your family for various reasons, wherever we live should always be a place that invites the Spirit. 

Im so excited for conference this weekend and EVERYONE should watch it! Whether it be on tv or online or at your local church building however you can! We are so blessed to hear the words of the prophet and the apostles! I also invite everyone to think of a question to have in mind for conference and I can promise that you will receive an answer through the words of the modern day leaders of the church. 

I love you all so much and can't thank you enough for all of your support as I serve the Lord. Keep smiling!

Hermana Knowles
OUR MISSION. This was during the mission tour with Elder Hamula so he's in the center with his wife next to President and Sister Woodbury. Can you find me?  ;)


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