Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Señor, Te Necesito

Hola familia!

This week has been pretty busy. There are a few people we're working with pretty regularly it's so awesome! They are all going through very different things that aren't familiar to me but we are still able to help them and provide comfort because we are representatives of Jesus Christ. It has been continually reconfirmed to me that this is NOT the missionary's work, but the Lord's work. Now obviously I won't explain each individual trial of these people, but let's just say they are way bigger than me and I've never experienced any of these things first hand. So some of you may be thinking, how can a 20 year old girl (along with her companion, of course) help these adults overcome trials that she doesn't fully understand? I'm so glad you asked! I'll tell you. It is because she is a representative of Jesus Christ and this is HIS work, and when we are doing His work we are entitled to His help. So I may not know everything or haven't had as much life experience as others, but that's ok! I may not understand these specific trials or know how these people feel but the Lord does and so long as I am worthy I can be His instrument in providing that relief. Beautiful isn't it? 

The mother of one of these people we're helping came up to me before a meeting on Thursday and with tears in her eyes she told me something her son shared with her. He said, "Mom, I'm so thankful Hermana Knowles is here to help me come back to church." That touched me so much. I had one of the most tender moments of my mission during an appointment with this Hermano and his wife. At the end as I bore testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and shared personal experiences I couldn't help but cry and as I kept eye contact with this Hermano tears started to fall down his cheeks too. I know one of the reasons I am in Cicero, Illinois is to help this Hermano and his family. I know that I've never been though what he's going through, but I know the Lord has. I will cherish these sacred moments of being an instrument in the Lord's hands for the rest of my life. 

Also, DANNY IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! So that's pretty awesome. We've been teaching this sweet 10 year old boy since I came into the area and now he is getting baptized and his mom is starting to come back to church! Blessings all over the place! And these people are relatives with the family I was talking about in the paragraph before. I SURE DO LOVE THIS FAMILY. Let me tell you, there's nothing sweeter than having someone come up to you and say, "Thank you so much for teaching the Gospel to my family." I can't even handle it! It's just such an immense blessing to be able to serve them. 

On Tuesday we went to a members house and I made arepas for our lunch appointment! She cooked everything else but I taught her how to make arepas and it was so fun! Her name is Rosa too so there's that! So much fun. 

We're also working with a sweet little investigator named Lucy. She's awesome! She's progressing little by little and really enjoys meeting with us. On Saturday after the Elder's baptism Lucy invited us to eat with her and her kids. They're such an adorable family! She wants to take us to China Town one of these pdays so I'm looking forward to that! 

Well I hope everyone is doing so well. I'm looking forward to my Skype call on Mother's Day in just a couple weeks! I love Chicago, I love this Ward, I love being a missionary, I love each of you, and I love my Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ. I testify that this church is true and this is not my work, but the work of the Lord. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I finished it again and I cannot deny the truthfulness of it. I know anyone can know for themselves too if you PRAY and ASK God. But you can't pray just to say you've tried it, you have to "ask with a SINCERE heart, with REAL INTENT, having FAITH in Christ, [THEN] he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost" (Moroni 10:4). If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and everything that followed was done by the hand of the Lord. All we have to do is ask God. #spiritualrantoftheweek 
I love you all so much! Stay strong my sweet family and friends.

Keep Smiling,

Hermana Knowles

Oh I guess you'll probably want to know how transfer calls went on Saturday. Hermana Starnes and I are staying in Chicago 2nd for 6 more weeks. Nice and simple! I love you all have a great week! 

Señor, te necesito
1.Te necesito, sí, bendito ser.
Ninguno como Tú paz puede dar.
Señor, te necesito; sí, te necesito.
Bendíceme, oh Cristo; vendré a ti.
2.Te necesito, sí, consuelo das.
En mal, poder no hay si Tú estás.
Señor, te necesito; sí, te necesito.
Bendíceme, oh Cristo; vendré a ti.
3.Te necesito, sí, en mal o bien.
Conmigo a morar oh pronto ven.
Señor, te necesito; sí, te necesito.
Bendíceme, oh Cristo; vendré a ti.
4.Te necesito, sí, mi Salvador,
y tuyo, por amor, seré, Señor.
Señor, te necesito; sí, te necesito.
Bendíceme, oh Cristo; vendré a ti.

Peter - Please note the tacotime apron ;) I love you Hermano! 

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