Monday, May 18, 2015

Dios, Bendícenos

Hola familia y amigos! 

Another busy week in the life of a Chicago missionary. 

Hermana Starnes and I taught during our district meeting this past Wednesday. Elder Gomez asked us to talk about chapter 7 of preach my gospel which is about learning the mission language. So we thought it would be appropriate to bring guacamole and chips and a sombrero to top things off as we discussed how we can better learn the Spanish language. We've learned very quickly that when you teach 4 elders you can't go wrong with bringing food! The lesson went really well and everyone participated so ...success! Afterwards some of the elders from the other district came in and helped us finish off the food and Elder Lee brought his nerf gun. I'll try to remember to send a video from when Hermana Starnes shot Elder Metro in the forehead. 

We have an AWESOME investigator named Kimberly. She truly has a sincere desire to know if what we teach is true. She's even come to church a few times! We're also working with Lizbeth and her family. They're progressing pretty well too! Lizbeth keeps telling us about how she wants to learn more and that the things we teach just makes sense. She's so great! We're also still working hard with Lucy. She's adorable. We met with her last night told her that it was getting late so we had to leave. So we closed with a prayer and then right afterwards (when we were already past curfew) she's like, "you know what we should do? I'll make you some tostadas con crema. You can't go to sleep on an empty stomach." Who said we had an empty stomach?! Well anyway, we ate with her and got back nice and late but that's ok. Please pray for our investigators! Lucy is just so great. Every time we ask her to pray she always prays for our family and friends. 

Saturday night as Hermana Starnes and I were walking back to the apartment before it got too dark we both had the impression to visit a potential investigator that we had contacted a few weeks back. I knocked the door and totally blanked on his name but it was ok because he didn't even answer! It was a different family that answered the door (it's like a complex with multiple apartments). We met a really sweet lady named Satu (for short, her full first name is like 4 or 5 syllables let's be real). Well the contact went pretty routine and it was leaning towards her rejecting us but I was feeling a little extra persistent so I started to testify more of the truthfulness of our message and how it can personally bless her life. I felt like the atmosphere changed and she was really listening. Well afterwards she asked about where church was and when it started and said she would come! So that was awesome! 

The work is moving forward here! We're definitely seeing miracles in Cicero! I sure do love being a missionary. It's kind of the best! Well I love you all so very much and I want you all to know that I know this church is true. I know Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father live and love each of us perfectly. Have a great week and write me sometime! 

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles :) 

We're at lunch with a bunch of hermanas and I asked Hermana Warnock what her favorite hymn is and so that's my email title and hymn of the week! 

Dios, bendícenos
1.Dios, bendícenos al irnos, con Tu gracia paternal.
Haz que cada ser mejore en su lucha con el mal.
Danos fuerza, danos fuerza; en el yermo sé solaz.
Danos fuerza, danos fuerza; en el yermo sé solaz.
2.Por el don del evangelio damos gracias y loor.
Que abunde en las vidas fruto de su esplendor.
Fieles siempre, fieles siempre, en la fe y al Señor.
Fieles siempre, fieles siempre, en la fe y al Señor.

This is me and Mary and her daughter Krystal! Mary always has us sing
for them at least once a week, she's awesome.

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