Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Me Encanta Ver el Templo

Feliz día de preparación!
Our district has this super great activity planned for this Saturday where we're going to teach the plan of salvation at the church! We're going to go room to room explaining each part of the plan and we have all the members involved. It's going to be SICK. It is also a ton of planning and preparation to make sure it's a success! So that's been taking up a good chunk of our time. We've been meeting with members and making sure they're on board with their assignments, handing out flyers to our investigators and members, taping flyers to lamp posts, discussing the details in district meeting and ward council, and inviting everyone! It's a good time. I'm way excited to see how it turns out! Oh and also this activity will be part of a missionary farewell for someone in the ward that will be leaving on her mission at the beginning of next month! And her name is Jasmine too! She will be serving in Paraguay.

I would also just like to mention how much I love my district. They're so great! We all work so hard and we really have fun together at the same time. We went to lunch as a district this week and they're seriously a fun group to be around! Just thought I'd mention that haha.

Hermana Starnes and I didn't really have a ton of food in our apartment this week so we've been getting pretty creative with our meals when we don't have appointments with members. Let's just say I feel I've mastered the technique of the omelette and perfectly portioned cereal. One day I found this soup mix that a member gave us a while ago so that was exciting! I thought I'd be all fancy and make that so I did! While I was cooking the elders called us and they were like, "Are you in your apartment? Well don't be weirded out but we're outside." They had an appointment nearby and stopped by our apartment to airdrop some sheet music to my iPad so I could start practicing piano for a song we're singing on Saturday. It was taking a while for airdrop to work and I almost forgot about my soup that was on the stove! I left our non-omelette/cereal delicacy at risk! But don't worry I got to it on time and it was quite divine. #lamemishstoryoftheweek

We had exchanges this week with the wonderful Midway Hermanas! I stayed in our area with Hermana Warnock. She's kind of super awesome! We spent a good majority of the day putting up flyers for our activity and we basically sang the entire time. It was so great! By the end we were pretty pleased with our How Great Thou Art harmonies. We also met some cool people who have just been on the road traveling for the past couple YEARS. We asked, "Where are you all from?" And they were like, "Well I'm from Montana and I met this guy in New Orleans and I met her in LA and we picked him up in Nebraska" or something like that. Their names were Nash, Zack, Demar, and Drifter with her dog named BOX CAR WILLIE. WHAT? They were great. When we were about to part ways Drifter said she had a question for us and asked, "Has anyone told you today that you're wonderful? Thank you so much for doing what you do." SUCH A GEM! #slightlylesslamemishstoryoftheweek #extremelylonghashtags

Highlight of the week was definitely when our zone went to the TEMPLE! This temple trip was easily one of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission. We had the unique opportunity to witness our mission president and his wife be sealed for a couple that didn't have the opportunity to do so in this life. There were also names of children that had yet to be sealed to their parents and President and Sister Woodbury each chose a couple missionaries to participate. Well I had the privilege of being one of those missionaries and I will never be able to deny the powerful spirit that I felt. The spirit of the temple is so amazing. I know that it is truly the House of the Lord. Afterwards we went to the mission home for some training/instruction and I just learned so much. I had a very specific question that came to mind while I was in the temple and President, being the very inspired man that he is, answered my question without me asking and it was so direct. My testimony was strengthened so much that day!


I love this gospel! I know with all my heart that it is true. I know my Savior lives and I know we have a loving Father in Heaven who knows each of us perfectly. He knows our needs, our worries, the burdens we bear, and He knows how we can find relief and comfort and He will provide it. I love being a missionary. So. Much! Stay strong my wonderful friends and family! I love you all so very much.

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles

Me encanta ver el templo
1. Me ̮encanta ver el templo; un día ir podré.
Me ̮enseñará ̮el Espíritu Santo ̮y oraré.
Pues el templo ̮es Casa del Señor,
lugar tranquilo ̮y bello.
Desde niño me prepararé;
es mi deber sagrado.
2. Me ̮encanta ver el templo; un día entraré,
y ser fiel a mi Padre, allí prometeré.
Pues el templo ̮es el lugar sagrado
donde la familia puede ser sellada
en unión y ser familia ̮eterna.

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