Monday, September 1, 2014

27 Tortillas and Counting

Hey friends and family!

I actually don't have a lot of time today. Our pday was packed with
visiting a potential investigator, getting groceries and a ward picnic
for Labor Day. But I will share some of my favorite experiences from
the week. Last night at our dinner appointment was probably my
favorite. We had dinner with this family from Honduras and they're so
awesome! That was definitely the most I've eaten in one visit on my
mission so far. Food is such a big thing in the Spanish culture and
I'm so thankful for the kindness and generosity of our amazing
members. We ate two hamburgers, half a plate of chips, a very full cup
of ice cream, double stuff Oreos, and a bowl of fruit. My insides
weren't too happy with me but the members were so that's all that
matters right? Hermano totally knew what he was doing too when he kept
bringing out more food for us cause he knew we wouldn't refuse it
cause we didn't want to offend him. He thought it was so funny that we
kept eating. When he brought out that bowl of fruit at the end I gave
him a look like "do you want me to throw up on you right now?" Anyway
don't worry it was eventful spiritually too! We had an awesome lesson
with them and their two nonmember friends that joined us! We talked
about how Heavenly Father has blessed us with all the tools and
guidelines we need to protect us and prepare us to live with Him
again. We used a visual aid called Moroni's Fortress and related it to
Alma 50:1-6. During the lesson as I shared my testimony about the
overall concept I couldn't help but cry as I felt the spirit so strong
testifying of the truth of what I was saying. It was absolutely
beautiful. Someone from the family shared their testimony afterwards
as tears came down her face as well. There was an undeniable spirit of
love that filled that home.

Let's see... So Hadley's married. That happened. Haha congrats Hadley
and Kal! I'm so happy for you guys and I really look forward to
hearing from you sometime and see how you guys are doing! I love you

Basically the majority of my week was filled with meeting with members
and talking about the importance of la noche de hogar or family home
evening. The main thing about these lessons that I've loved teaching
is how family home evening strengthens the family and prepares us to
reach our ultimate goal of returning to live with our Savior and
Father in Heaven as eternal families. I really liked sharing 1 Nephi
8:12. I know I want nothing more than for myself and my family to
partake of the fruit and experience that joy together. If you aren't
already doing so I invite you to participate in family home evening
and I promise that as you do so your home will be filled with the
spirit and your family relationships will strengthen.

Ok so President Izu who set me apart as a missionary... I met his
niece my first day! And I'm going on an exchange with her on Saturday!
And we'll be in the CITY! I'm so excited for that!

Momma! There's a Venezuelan lady in my ward! She's hilarious and we're
going to her house for dinner tomorrow night and you better believe I
requested arepitas! She also served her mission in Maracaibo but in
the 90s. Tomorrow is also Hermana Michael's birthday! This is an
exciting week for sure.

The weather here has been a little crazy. We got soaked in the rain a
couple times but we've also had pretty average humid, hot days. I'm
really loving it here especially since I'm kinda starting to get
familiar with the area and recognize people. I'm so ready and excited
for week three!

I hope everyone is doing really well! I love and miss all of you and
pray for you every day. Write me sometime I would love to hear about
how everyone's doing :)

Keep smiling my beautiful friends and family!

Hermana Knowles :)

I fell asleep writing our information on pass along cards.  I was a little tired!

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