Monday, September 15, 2014

Que Hermosa la Mañana

This week was filled with meetings! On Tuesday we had a new missionary
training meeting, on Friday morning we had the privilege to hear from
Elder Hamula from the seventy and his wife during a mission tour, then
Friday night he spoke again at a devotional, then Saturday evening we
had our first session of stake conference, and the second session was
Sunday morning. Sister Woodbury called me a week or so ago asking if I
could play violin for the meeting Friday morning and of course I said
yes. So I finally got my hands on a violin earlier this week and
realized how much I've missed playing it and was also pleasantly
surprised with how well I remembered how to play it! So there was a
rehearsal for the strings to practice with the choir and I missed it
because we were stuck in traffic but it's ok cause I went to another
rehearsal earlier in the week. When we got there I saw an hermana with
a violin and asked her how the rehearsal went and she said it went
good but her string broke so she couldn't play anymore. I gave her the
violin I was going to use and she was so thankful for that. Even
though I was really looking forward to playing violin I would rather
have given my violin to that Hermana cause it made her so happy and I
got to sing in the choir so it all worked out.

We also taught and found opportunities to serve this week. One of my
favorite acts of service we did was when I taught a piano lesson to
two young girls in our ward on Saturday morning. They learn so fast
and I can tell they're really excited to keep learning and getting
better. After an introductory lesson about the piano I asked them what
their favorite song was so we could start learning it together next
time. I was touched when the older sister grabbed a hymn book and
opened it to Soy un Hijo de Dios or I am a Child of God. That really
made me think about the great blessing music has been in my life
especially as I would play hymns in my home and how it would invite
the spirit. I think there's a definite difference from just listening
to a song and actually playing it, especially spiritually. I'm so
thankful I have the opportunity to share that with these two young
girls and I'm excited to teach them again!

I had a pretty funny experience during one of our lessons with my
Spanish. ¡Todavía estoy mejorando y aprendiendo! We taught a lesson on
the importance of tithing to one of the members in the ward who is
starting to come back to church. The lesson went super well then at
the end Hermana Michael asked me to invite her to pay her tithing and
I totally blanked on the future tense for Spanish. So I ended up
saying very hesitantly, "¿pagará?" Which translates to "you will pay"
or "will you pay" depending on the tone of your voice. And before I
could finish the Hermana just started laughing so hard because of the
way I said it. I thought it was pretty funny too. She laughed for a
while then agreed to pay her tithing. So it all worked out!

So I took a lot of notes from all these meetings this past week and I
feel the spirit really brought a lot of things to my attention. They
were some quite amazing meetings for sure. I'm just going to share a
couple of the notes I took that I feel I should share:
- The greatest love we can show to anyone is to help them to
understand and enjoy the blessings of the atonement.
- Our most powerful tool of love is the Holy Ghost
- Revelation comes from consistent study, exact obedience, and being
in a sacred place. Pray and do the best you know how.
- Pray for the power to be more than what you are.
- Having the faith to serve is not enough. We must have faith to
succeed. "Help thou mine unbelief"
- we have not always been what we are now and we will not be what we
are now in the future. We are on an eternal path of progression
 Then a recent convert that spoke said this and I really liked it: "I
just wish we could all go back to the day we were baptized. I came out
of the water a new person. I was INVINCIBLE and filled with the
spirit. If I could tell you anything it would be to get on your knees
and pray and ask what you should do and you will receive an answer."

Well those are the main points of my week! Today we went to the city
again and took some awesome pictures that I'll send too.

I hope everyone is doing great! I love you all so much and look
forward to hearing from you!

Keep smiling :)

Hermana Knowles

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