Monday, September 22, 2014

¡Muchos Milagros!

Hey friends and family! 

I can't believe it's already the last week of the transfer! That went by so fast. From what I've heard from some seasoned missionaries, it seems like President really likes to keep missionaries in one area for a good amount of time. That's pretty cool cause I really like my ward and my area. I'll definitely update everyone next week though if anything changes but I doubt it. 

So Hermana Michael and I have kept ourselves busy especially with making banana bread. Gotta do something with all those bananas! We figured we could bring them to some of the people we visit and they've really appreciated it! We currently have 10 loaves of banana bread in one of our cupboards. We call it our banana bread cupboard, for obvious reasons. And there's still so many bananas! We'll get through all of them eventually. None of them are going to waste that's for sure! 

Thank you mom and Pete for the package! I made some arepas for my companion and I for dinner the night we got it and they were so good! I think mom would be super proud about how well they turned out. I'll send pictures for sure. I also made an extra one for our downstairs neighbor (who is in the English ward) and she loved it too. Following the example of my momma and sharing our Venezuelan goodness with everyone! Thanks again! 

I'm still teaching piano lessons on Saturday mornings which is going super well! I also got asked to play violin in sacrament meeting for the youth but I don't think that's for a little while but I'm still most certainly looking forward to it. They're singing Nearer My God to Thee I'm pretty sure. I love that song! 

So we took the train on Saturday to go to a baptism that we invited a couple of our investigators to and I LOVE taking the train. We have the opportunity to talk to so many people and it's great! When we got into the other area we got there a little early so we went to find something to eat and decided on this hot dog food truck. The people there were so nice! They were just trying to promote their business so they gave us free food and of course we started talking to them about the church and they thought it was super interesting. They each gladly took pass along cards and promised us they would check out the website. They also had a little backdrop set up for people to take pictures and I asked one of the people we were chatting it up with if she would take a picture with me and she was so excited about it! 

Ok so I have a crazy story from Friday. That morning I was debating between two skirts and I picked the one that I usually wear a slip with, which was probably the best decision I made all day. The other Hermanas who are usually on bikes needed to use our car to get to a doctor appointment so we used their bikes to get to our first appointment that morning. I was enjoying the bike ride the first mile or so until my skirt got caught in the chain as I was going through an intersection and I found myself on the ground stuck to the bike. I couldn't move out of the street  at first because the skirt was wrapped so tight around my legs so after trying basically all the options I had I realized that the skirt just needed to come off so I could free myself. Nice and awkward. It was definitely a miracle that within minutes from my initial fall, as I was struggling to free myself from the bike, I heard someone ask if I needed help and I turned around to see Elder Dominguez from my district! It could have been a stranger but I know Heavenly Father blessed me with a familiar face to help me in this rather uncomfortable situation. He and Elder Power were both so prepared to help me in that moment with the tools they had for the bike and that they were able to get us to our appointment on time. Everything worked out perfectly. Elder Dominguez was telling us that he wouldn't have been right behind me in traffic if it weren't for a delay and I know that Heavenly Father played a huge role in this experience to make sure that His missionaries are being taken care of. Hermana Michael and I were even able to talk to someone about the church through this experience. There was a worker kinda off to the side of our little scene who came over to offer help and we were able to talk to her about where we were headed and what we do so we ended up giving her a pass along card and a pamphlet on the restoration (all in just my slip haha the elders were still working on getting my skirt out of the bike) We were able to bear very short testimonies before we had to get going and I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to meet this woman. If that was the reason I fell then I'd easily do it all over again to have such a unique opportunity to share the gospel. I was also unharmed from this whole thing, just a small scratch on my hand really. Such a blessing! 

Anyway, those are the highlights from the week. I hope everyone is doing well I absolutely love hearing from everyone! Oh yeah I also invited someone to be baptized for the first time and she said yes! Her and her daughter! They're so awesome please pray for them! Hermana Michael invited someone too the next day and she also said she would be baptized! We're just seeing miracles left and right! We're so blessed I can't mention it enough. 

Keep smiling! :) 

Hermana Knowles

My torn skirt from the biking incident that I wore pretty
much that whole day anyway

The awesome lady from the hot dog
place! :)

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