Monday, September 8, 2014

The Bean

We met an amazing guy at the bean today. He was trying to ask me to
take a picture for him with broken English and said he only spoke
Spanish so I said "¡no se preocupe puedo hablar en español también!"
He was so excited to hear that! After I took a picture for him I
started talking to him about the church and he thought it was
fascinating. I can easily tell that he has been prepared to hear and
accept our message. Hermana Michael came over as soon as she realized
I started talking to this guy and he just kept telling us that he
could tell there was something special about us that we had "beautiful
spirits." He talked about some difficult times he's had in his life
and that he just wants to know the truth. We introduced him to the
Book of Mormon and shared with him 2 Nephi 25:26 which had a big
impact for him. He told us he was excited to read it and stay in touch
with us to learn more. We exchanged contact information and gave him
the information he needs to request missionaries to come to his home.
He said he's looking forward to meeting with the missionaries in his
area! I know we went to the city today to meet this man and bring the
gospel into his life. We talked to him for about 45 minutes. After we
started walking away I turned to hermana Michael and said man I wish
we got a picture with him. So we turned back to ask him and he was
already walking back towards us and when we met up with him again he
said "is it ok if we get a picture together?" Haha coincidence? I
think not. I'm so thankful for this beautiful experience.


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