Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Divina Luz

October 26, 2015


I don't have too much time today because we spent a good portion of
the day at the temple on Saturday so we're cutting pday a little

It's been quite the week. This week we had a zone training meeting and
that was super great! It's always exciting to receive instruction from
President Woodbury and the other leaders in our area.

Saturday was definitely the busiest day of the week. In the morning we
went to the temple because two people from the ward went for the first
time. Then right after that a couple from the midway ward that I got
to know while serving in Chicago 2nd got sealed! It was such a cool
experience to be there for these hermanos. Being in the temple was
such a tender experience. I got to see people from each ward I've
served in (except Chicago Heights) while I was there and it was SO
GOOD to visit with them again. I don't think I can sufficiently
explain how happy I was to be in the temple on Saturday. It was a much
needed and treasured trip.

We have an awesome new investigator named Olimpia! She was a referral
from Hermana Blanca, who was one of the people we went to the temple
for :) She is so sincere and has a pure desire to follow the Savior.
We're really excited to keep teaching her!

Piano lessons are going good too! I'll have a new student next week so
that'll be fun. I also got to play violin again this week at a members
house! It was quite the refreshing experience haha.

I have to get going but I love you all! I know this gospel is true. I
know it! It makes me so happy and there's nothing else I'd rather be
doing right now than serving a full time mission and helping bring
this joy to others. I know we have a loving Father in Heaven and
Savior, Jesus Christ and that they live. Stay strong my beautiful
family and friends!

2 Nephi 31:20

Mantener la sonrisa,

Hermana Knowles


Divina Luz
1. Divina Luz, con esplendor benigno, alúmbrame.
Oscuras son la noche y la senda; mi Guía sé.
Muy lejos de Tu pabellón estoy,
y al hogar de las alturas voy.

2. Momentos hubo en que Tu ayuda no supliqué,
confiando en mi propia experiencia; no tuve fe.
Mas hoy deploro esa ceguedad;
préstame, Dios, Tu grata claridad.

3. Guiando Tú, la noche resplandece, y cruzaré
los valles, montes, riscos y torrentes con firme pie.
Veré después el día despertar,
y me guiarás de vuelta a mi hogar.

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