Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oh Dulce, Grata Oración

October 12, 2015


Tuesday was a day full of miracles and tender mercies! Every Tuesday morning we go to a library in Waukegan and help teach an English class with the elders. Each of the missionaries works with a group of about 5 people on average. The group I was working with was awesome. Everyone was picking it up pretty quick except one lady who was rather quiet. I had them start working on a writing activity and started to make conversation with Silvia, the lady who was struggling a little. I worked with her one on one and after a while it was easy to tell that she was feeling more comfortable and was starting to get it. I just wanted to share this experience because to me this was a tender mercy. Most of the time I don't even feel too comfortable teaching that class but helping Silvia helped me gain confidence and her gratitude at the end of the class touched my heart. After we finished she said, "I hope I can be in your group again next week!"

On Tuesday we finally had a lesson with our investigator, Pablo! Unfortunately we didn't have a member come with us so we taught him on the steps in front of his house which ended up being convenient because I didn't have my usual visual aid to teach the plan of salvation so we drew it on the ground in chalk. We weren't planning on teaching the plan of salvation but through some good ole how to begin teaching (preach my gospel ch. 10; check it out future missionaries its a good read) he mentioned how he didn't know it was possible for families to be together forever. It was a great lesson!

Also on Tuesday! We did some finding and talked to a former investigator named Maria Dominguez. We told her who we were and she said she's been waiting for missionaries to come back! She said the previous companionships that visited her just stopped coming and every Tuesday for a few weeks she waited to see if they would come. #inspiredplanning

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday we contacted a referral named Maria Cortez. She thought our appointment was for an hour later than when we showed up so she wasn't quite prepared because she still hadn't fed her kids. #serviceopportunity We told her not to worry and asked if we could do her dishes while she cooked and she accepted the offer. As we cleaned we got to know her a little. She and her husband are the parents of six awesome kids (13, 11, 8, 7, 5, and 1 I think...if I remember correctly). We also talked about some of the basic beliefs of the church to answer her questions and she seemed to receive it pretty well. They're so great and she invited us to come back the same day next week but one hour later haha.

On Saturday I was able to teach Gabriel's son, Marcos, a piano lesson! He's a fast learner so it went really well. It reminded me a lot of when I would teach piano lessons while I was serving in Chicago 4th. 

Sunday was testimony meeting and I loved it! My companion being the good example that she is went up to share her testimony pretty early in the meeting. After much thought and waiting I decided to go up too towards the end of the meeting. A really cool thing happened when I stood up! At the same time that I stood up so did all of the Elders in the district and we all walked up there together in a line of missionaries. The Elders went up with a member from the ward that they visit pretty often. This Hermano is hilarious! While we were sitting on the stand waiting to speak he tapped my shoulder and said, "You're going to go last because I already warmed up these Elders, they're good to go." It was great. 

We had our first appointment with another referral on Sunday named Luis Garcia. We got like four referrals this week it was sweet! This Hermano really liked the message of the restoration and he even prayed at the end. He said he wants his whole family to be there the next time we come over so they can learn together. How cool is that? 

Well things are going pretty great here in Gurnee. Familia y amigos, I want you to know that I have a strong testimony of this Gospel. I know that it is true. I know we have a living prophet on the earth today who is Thomas S. Monson who guides and directs the church through divine revelation from our Heavenly Father. I know that as we live the gospel and follow his counsel we will find joy and be protected from the temptations of the world. I know anyone can obtain a personal testimony of these things if they sincerely ask God through prayer. I know He is always listening and He will always answer. I love each of you and I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stay tuned to see what happens next week with: Hermana Knowles, the Gurnee Missionary Life. ✌️

Mantener la sonrisa,

Hermana Knowles

OK. So we leave our apartment this morning to go get groceries and when I open the driver door I notice that there's GLASS all over the passenger seat. I guess last night someone had the nerve to break the window of our car and steal our GPS. Boy would I like to meet this person and give them a pass along card and teach them about the restored gospel! Haha. #tendermercyreview because of that I got to: talk to the wonderful Elder Atkinson and have his laugh make my morning, wave at our nice neighbors as they drove by while we cleaned the glass, take funny pictures with my companion, be filled with gratitude in knowing my companion and I are safe, think about how much I love my companion and want her to be safe as I vacuumed the glass off her seat and made sure it was spotless so she could safely sit there, know how much our district leader cares because he and his companion are going to Home Depot for us to get what we need in the meantime before the car gets fixed, be more thankful for tithing and the funds of the church, and so much more! Well now that that person has our GPS they have the address to the church! Haha I know this was a blessing in disguise. It's been quite the morning and I can definitely still say that I'm living the dream! 

Oh dulce, grata oración
1.Oh dulce, grata oración,
que calmas toda aflicción,
al Padre puedes acudir
y ante El, por mí pedir.
En las tristezas y pesar
mi alma pudo descansar,
y se libró de tentación
en dulce, grata oración;
y se libró de tentación
en dulce, grata oración.
2.Oh dulce, grata oración,
tú llevarás mi petición.
Al Rey eterno llegarás;
Sus bendiciones pedirás.
Al invitarme mi Señor
a fiar en El y Su amor,
le abriré mi corazón
en dulce, grata oración;
le abriré mi corazón
en dulce, grata oración.
3.Oh dulce, grata oración,
anhelo tu consolación;
al ver la muerte acercar,
el miedo puedes alejar.
Cuando la vida deje ya,
iré al Padre Celestial,
buscando a Sus pies perdón
en dulce grata oración,
buscando a Sus pies perdón
en dulce grata oración.

Broken car window.  :(

Fixed it!  :)

Piano lessons

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