Tuesday, November 3, 2015

En un Lejano Cerro Fue

October 19, 2015


Yesterday was ward conference and it was great! Obispo wanted to have a choir and when no one showed up for the rehearsal on Thursday they went to Plan B #themissionaries. It turned out really nice! We sang Soy un Hijo de Dios with different parts and everything it was awesome! Also for the conference my companion and I were asked to translate between English and Spanish so the stake leaders and the ward could understand each other. It was a cool experience! We'll be doing that again for the stake primary meeting on Thursday.

This week we had our quarterly interview with President Woodbury! I love interviews with President, he always knows what to say. We always end up laughing and crying and of course it's not complete without a couple awkward moments haha It's like all the components of a full length movie in about a 20 minute period.

Good news! We finally got our car window fixed on Saturday! No more psyching out the drivers behind me making it look like I'm going to turn right just so I can see traffic from that direction and then end up turning left. Warning:ducktaperacingstripesonlyfunctionislookingcoolandpreventingwindbutimpairvisionbyonehundredpercent.

We also got some more referrals this week and have some cool new investigators that we're excited to visit again in these next few days! The work is moving forward!

Piano classes are going good and it looks like I'll be getting a couple more students soon! After our class on Saturday Gabriel was saying that his two other kids went down to Chicago that morning and he asked Marcos if he wanted to go too but Marcos said, "but today is my piano lesson with Hermana Knowles!" I guess you could say that made my day.

Well I don't have too much to write about this week. We have a lot of work to do here and we're working hard! For pday today I think we're meeting up with the Gurnee 1st Sisters to carve some pumpkins. Gotta keep that October spirit alive!

Familia y amigos, I have a testimony of this Gospel. I know we have a Savior who is Jesus Christ and that He lives and He is at the head of this church. I know he performed the Atonement for each of us and that it is REAL. I have no doubt about it. The Atonement helps me to change and be better everyday. I'm thankful for the relationship I've been able to build and continue to strengthen with my Savior. I know this work is His and there is nothing else I'd rather be doing than serving as a full time missionary. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week :)

Mantener la sonrisa,

Hermana Knowles

119 En un lejano cerro fue

1. En un lejano cerro fue, allende la ciudad,
que en la cruz Jesús expió del mundo la maldad.

2. Jamás podremos comprender las penas que sufrió,
mas para darnos salvación Él en la cruz murió.

3. Tan sólo Él fue digno de ̮efectuar la Expiación.
Él nos abrió la puerta hacia la exaltación.

4. Su gran amor debemos hoy saber corresponder,
y en Su redención confiar y obedientes ser.


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