Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hay un Hogar Eterno

December 7, 2015


Welcome to another edition of Hermana Knowles: The Chicago Missionary
Life. I have decided to entitle this entry: Seguimos en la Tierra

Funny story from the week. We went to go find some former
investigators, Artemio y Juana. We knock and their son comes from the
back of the house and invites us in. Artemio and Juana are a really
sweet older couple and when we arrived they were in the process of
making tamales! Obviously we quickly jumped in to help and long story
short we ended up making over 200 tamales with our little four person
team! Apparently they go out and sell these tamales and we asked them
how often they did this and they were like, "Oh not too often. Only
about EVERY THREE DAYS." They're great. The next day they called us
and said, "We're at the lavandería selling tamales come pick some up!"
 After some searching we found them and the tamales were delicious.

Olimpia is doing great! Her baptism is THIS Saturday! She is so
excited it's awesome. She brought her kids to church again yesterday
and they loved it! They're so adorable! Every time we teach her she
always shares her testimony with us and it's so powerful. After our
lesson with her this morning she excused herself for a minute and came
back with an adorable collared shirt/vest/tie combo that her son
picked out to wear to church because he wants to look his best. There
is seriously NOTHING better than sharing the gospel and being able to
see others get so excited about it and families brought closer.

Our recent convert Gabriel is going to get the priesthood next week! I
probably scared the people sitting around me in the chapel when they
announced it because I was so excited. We started teaching his kids
this week about the gospel and we're really excited to see them
progress. Yesterday he also went up to share his testimony during
sacrament meeting and it was absolutely beautiful. He talked about how
there's no such thing as coincidences in the gospel and he expressed
his gratitude to Heavenly Father that his children were able to hear
about the gospel this past week too. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Testimony meeting was simply amazing yesterday. One Hermano went up
and told us about how he has recently started coming back to church.
My companion made a comment about how there is so much power when
recent converts or returning members share their testimony. This
Hermano expressed so much gratitude to have the gospel be a part of
his life again and he also thanked his home teachers because they were
a major factor in helping him return. Something I got from that was
how no effort is wasted and we should never ever give up on someone. I
know the Savior doesn't give up on us and I know this gospel is true
and that will never change.

My sweet sweet family and friends, I wish I could express how much
being a missionary means to me. I'm sure no matter how hard I try it
wouldn't be sufficient. Not only is the Lord changing the lives of
those around me but He is most certainly changing mine. I love this
gospel and I know it's true and there's no way I could ever deny it. I
know Jesus Christ lives. And guess what that means! That means He
truly came to the earth and lived a perfect, sinless life. That means
He truly suffered for each of us and died on a cross in Calvary. That
means He truly performed the Atonement and was resurrected three days
later. That means we too will live again. That means we don't have to
go through anything by ourselves. That means we have a Savior and a
Heavenly home. And it means so much more. I love you all so very much!
Stay strong and please please please

Keep smiling :)

Hermana Knowles

190 Hay un hogar eterno

1. Hay un hogar eterno, lleno de amor,
donde todos cantan, donde no hay dolor.
Ángeles allá cantan, dando a Dios gran loor.
Algún día veremos nuestro hogar de amor.

Oh, dulce hogar, oh bello hogar;
morada de Cristo, oh bello hogar.

2. Miles de flores crecen en aquel hogar,
do los niños suelen al Salvador honrar,
y le cantan, gozosos, himnos de grande loor.
Algún día veremos nuestro hogar de amor.

Oh, dulce hogar, oh bello hogar;
morada de Cristo, oh bello hogar.

3. Pronto tendré la dicha de morar allá.
Rescatóme Cristo; mi protección será.
Lo veré ya muy pronto, en Su mansión celestial.
Ese día veremos nuestro hogar de amor.

Oh, dulce hogar, oh bello hogar;
morada de Cristo, oh bello hogar.

This one is from a baby shower.

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