Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Llevaremos Su Verdad al Mundo

December 28, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!

I feel like the weeks just keep getting faster and faster. On Monday
we had a family home evening with the Stuart family! I LOVE THEM.
Brother Stuart served his mission Spanish speaking so they have a
tradition every Christmas that they invite all the Spanish
missionaries and invite us to bring investigators and less active
members as well. There were quite a few people there and it was a
really spiritual evening. We sang Christmas hymns, shared stories,
bore testimony, and of course ate a lot of food. Brother Stuart asked
if I would share my testimony of the Savior to close the program and
it was a really tender experience for me. The spirit was so strong and
the room was just filled with love for one another and especially for
our Savior Jesus Christ. It was a really memorable evening.

On Tuesday we got to do some service with Toys for Tots and handed out
toys to little kids! The whole district was there and it was a good

We also got two very sweet new investigators this week: Rosa and her
daughter Ahtziri. They came to operation Christmas that the stake does
every year and were contacted there by the elders. Well we got their
information and stopped by and they were so welcoming and prepared for
our message. We are really excited to keep teaching them!

Christmas Eve was super fun too! A Spanish family from the Gurnee 2nd
ward invited all the missionaries to have dinner at their house and
play games afterward. I guess you could say it was a blast and a half,
or maybe even two full blasts if you will. Nadiya was there! She is a
sweet woman from Ukraine who regularly comes to our Tuesday morning
English class and is a recent convert to the church. She's adorable. I
was definitely excited to see her!

Christmas Day was great! It was really nice to talk to my family but
weird at the same time because I'll be seeing them soon. Arranging
somewhere to go for dinner on Christmas was a little awkward. We had a
family that we were planning on eating with but when we got there they
had forgotten we were coming and it was extremely awkward. So we
called the elders who were at la familia Perez house and asked for
advice haha. Hermana Rowbury was like, you should just ask the other
elders really loud if they know of someone who would feed us so that
the Perez would hear and invite us over haha. That's what they did.
And that's where we ate. It was delicious. I love that family so much!
We also spent thanksgiving with them. I guess you could say the Perez
house is the place to be for the holidays!

Sunday was pretty tender. I figured it wouldn't be too sad because I
still have one more Sunday with the Gurnee 3rd ward. But it most
certainly hit me when I mentioned to one of the hermanas that this was
my last week and she gave me a hug and just started to cry in my arms.
I never really anticipated leaving to be this hard. I feel like I have
a family here in this ward and I wish I could stay with them longer!

I love my mission so much and I intend to work as hard as I can the
remainder of the time I have here. Family and friends, this gospel is
true. Our Savior LIVES and this is His work. I intend to be a part of
it for the rest of my life because I will ALWAYS be a missionary. I
have received some precious revelation these past few weeks and I am
just so thankful to my Father in Heaven for this opportunity to serve
His children and bring the gospel into their lives. I love you all and
hope you have a great week!

Keep smiling,

Hermana Knowles

92 Llevaremos Su verdad al mundo (El ejército de Helamán)

1. De buenos padres que ̮aman a Dios
nosotros como Nefi pudimos nacer,
y nos enseñan a comprender
que ̮a Dios debemos obedecer.

Como el ejército de Helamán,
debemos obedecer.
Seremos misioneros del Señor
llevando ̮al mundo su verdad.

2. Para ̮este tiempo nos reservó
fielmente Su reino ̮a edificar.
Nuestro profeta ̮así nos habló:
“Los dignos vayan a predicar.”

Como el ejército de Helamán,
debemos obedecer.
Seremos misioneros del Señor
llevando ̮al mundo su verdad.

3. Con el estudio ̮y la oración
hasta que llegue la voz del Señor
para ̮exhortar a toda nación
voy a ̮alcanzar preparación.

Como el ejército de Helamán,
debemos obedecer.
Seremos misioneros del Señor
llevando ̮al mundo su verdad
al mundo la verdad.

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