Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oh Mi Padre

November 30, 2015


Tuesday was transfer meeting and it was so awesome to see everyone!
Literally all of the Hermanas in the mission were there so we took
ourselves a nice group picture. Every transfer meeting we have a
tradition where all the missionaries that are going home go up front
and sing the first verse of Hope of Israel and then everyone joins in
after that. Well this is the last transfer for me and the four other
wonderful Hermanas that I was in the CCM with, but three of them are
going back a week early to start school at BYU. So this being their
last transfer meeting President invited them to go up too for the
traditional departing Hope of Israel and it was so weird to see them
up there without me and Hermana Dowdle! Man I just love them all so
much. Everything is slowly but surely starting to feel super real and
I don't like it haha.

Anyway! My new companion is Hermana Rowbury and she's awesome! She's
from Idaho Falls and she's been on her mission almost a year now.
Since we got back to the area after transfer meeting its been nonstop
hard work. We've already seen some miracles within the first few days
of our companionship which has been quite the blessing. We met with
our investigator, Lizeth, and had an awesome lesson with her! We
taught her a couple commandments and afterwards we discussed a little
about how the lesson before she had accepted the invitation the be
baptized. Well long story short she accepted a date to be baptized in
December and we're extremely excited for her! We've made some progress
with other investigators too and even one of our less active members
opened up to us a lot this week.

Thanksgiving in Gurnee was pretty great! We went over to the house of
la Familia Perez for dinner and a few other members came too (Los
hermanos Obregon, Martinez, and Aguilera). Such a fun group! We most
certainly had a good time.

We wanted to do a finding activity as a district on thanksgiving but
it didn't end up working out so we got together on Saturday instead.
We went to the mall with two signs (one English and one Spanish)
asking people to write down what they're thankful for. It was pretty
fun! Afterwards we had lunch and Hermana Rowbury wanted to take a
selfie and there was a lady that was waiting for her to take the
picture so she could get by and we told her she could be in it so the
lady runs over and gets in the selfie it was really funny. As she was
walking away she was like, "If anyone asks who is in your picture,
it's Terry." Haha

We had another AWESOME Sunday! We had 3 investigators come and a less
active family that we've been working with was there too. Olimpia was
there and she was telling me that she's so excited and nervous for her
baptism on the 12th! She told Hermano Lugo (our ward mission leader),
"I wish it could be the 12th already!" So she's doing great! Our
investigator Jose came again as well and he really likes church and
we're excited to keep working with him! LIZETH CAME TOO! This was her
first Sunday at church. She left after sacrament meeting because she
had to start working at 3 but it was SO awesome to see her there! The
less active family that came was the Lopez family. We call them the
Pokémons because this Hermana has four kids and they all have Japanese
names haha (Yamy, Yashiro, Arumy, and Sayuky....Lopez).

Well family and friends the work is moving forward here in the
wonderful land of Gurnee and I'm so thankful to be a part of this
great work. I know this Gospel is true and I know it changes lives. I
know my Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ, live and love us
each so deeply and individually. I love this work so much. There's
nothing else I'd rather be doing right now than serving full time for
the Lord. I invite you all to take whatever steps may be necessary to
strengthen your relationship with our Heavenly Father. I know that as
we do so we can find the purest joy there is and nothing compares to
it. I love you all so much and hope everyone has a great week!

por favor KEEP SMILING,

Hermana Knowles :)

187 Oh mi Padre

1. Oh mi Padre, Tú que moras
en el celestial hogar,
¿cuándo volveré a verte
y Tu santa faz mirar?
¿Tu morada antes era
de mi alma el hogar?
En mi juventud primera,
¿fue Tu lado mi altar?

2. Pues, por Tu gloriosa mira
vine al mundo a morar,
olvidando los recuerdos
de mi vida premortal.
Pero algo a menudo
dice: “Tú errante vas”;
siento que un peregrino
soy, de donde Tú estás.

3. Antes te llamaba Padre,
sin saber por qué lo fue,
mas la luz del Evangelio
aclaróme el porqué.
¿Hay en los cielos padres solos?
Clara la verdad está;
la verdad eterna muestra:
madre hay también allá.

4. Cuando deje esta vida
y deseche lo mortal,
Padre, Madre, quiero veros
en la corte celestial.
Sí, después que yo acabe
cuanto tenga que cumplir,
permitidme ir al cielo
con vosotros a vivir.

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