Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Soy un Hijo de Dios

November 16, 2015


First of all shout out to dad! Happy Birthday tomorrow! I love you and
I hope it's awesome :)

Fun fact: At zone conference one of the office missionaries, Sister
Last, referred to phones as "texting machines." I thought it was

SUNDAY WAS AWESOME! We had two investigators come to church. Olimpia
came again but this time she brought her two kids and they loved it!
Our investigator, Jose also came which was a total surprise! He is a
friend of Hermana Blanca too (she's on fire!) We haven't been able to
see him in a while so when he walked into the chapel with his suit and
tie we freaked out! On Friday we went to help one of our investigators
fold some paperwork and there we met some nice people. Before we left
I asked if it was ok if we sang a hymn for them and they were so
excited they even recorded us sing haha. Afterward we gave them each a
card with our number and the address of the church and then we left.
GET THIS. Two of the people we met there actually CAME TO CHURCH on
Sunday too! Suit and tie and everything! They're in the elders area so
we introduced them so they could exchange information and they're in
good hands. This Sunday was such a blessing to see so many new faces
at church. Collectively as a district we had 11 investigators come!

This is the last week of the transfer and we have some exciting things
planned! On Friday we are having a missionary activity at the church
that we've been planning for the past couple weeks and Saturday a
couple beautiful people from Chicago 2nd are getting sealed! Que

Sorry this email isn't as long as usual I guess most of the excitement
was on Sunday. Stay strong family and friends! This gospel is true! I
know it. I know we can find the purest joy there is as we live the
gospel of Jesus Christ. I know our Savior lives and I'm thankful for
Him, for His example, and for His Atoning sacrifice. I know that
because of Him we can move forward with faith and hope in knowing
Heavenly Father has prepared a divine plan for us to live with Him
again. I love you all and pray for you :)

Alma 7:11-13

Mantener la sonrisa,

Hermana Knowles

196 Soy un hijo de Dios

1. Soy un hijo de Dios;
Él me envió aquí.
Me ̮ha dado un hogar y
padres buenos para mí.

Guíenme; enséñenme
la senda a seguir
para que ̮algún día yo
con Él pueda vivir.

2. Soy un hijo de Dios;
me deben ayudar
a entender Su voluntad;
no puedo demorar.

Guíenme; enséñenme
la senda a seguir
para que ̮algún día yo
con Él pueda vivir.

3. Soy un hijo de Dios;
Él me bendecirá.
Yo obedeceré Su ley;
haré Su voluntad.

Guíenme; enséñenme
la senda a seguir
para que ̮algún día yo
con Él pueda vivir.

Chicago 2nd. REPRESENT.

This is the Marquina Family that we're currently teaching. The guy on
the left is a family friend and the dad is taking the picture.
And I taught Marcos (Gabriel's son) how to play I Am a Child of God
during our lesson on Saturday!

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