Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mandó a Su Hijo

November 9, 2015


Another busy week in the land of Gurnee. On Wednesday we had exchanges and I went over to Logan Square with my MTC companion Hermana Stout! It was great! One of my favorite things about that area is that there's people EVERYWHERE. So I made the most of it and talked to everyone I could because we don't have that luxury here in the buffalo grove area. I contacted a super nice guy who literally just arrived in Chicago from Germany and that was quite the experience! I just thought I'd throw that in here cause that doesn't happen everyday. Well something extremely similar happened on a separate exchange I had in Logan Square at the beginning of my mission. I was with Hermana Izu and we contacted a guy who also had literally just got off a plane from Ecuador. I guess when you come to Chicago from a foreign country Logan Square is the place to go. So yeah the exchange went really well! 

Our investigator Olimpia is doing so great! We meet with her twice a week and during one of our visits last week she basically shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon which was awesome! We invited her to be baptized on a certain date and as I was inviting her I paused and felt to change the date to a week later. I invited her and when I said the day she looked surprised and at first I thought it was because she thought it was too soon but she said, "I was thinking about getting baptized around then too! That's the Saturday before my birthday." The Spirit is a beautiful thing. AND SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY AND LOVED IT. I could go on and on. This lady is so awesome and so prepared for the gospel! 

Saturday morning we went to help clean the church building and our investigator, Lucrecia came to help! She's awesome but she's going through a lot of hard things right now so please keep her in your prayers! 

Oh my relief society! On Saturday evening the relief society had a thanksgiving dinner and our relief society president is awesome and she went all out. She comes in with some legit face paint and this turkey feather headband thing. She was like, "you know my parties are always themed!" She brought headband feather things for everyone too it was hilarious. 

Another cool fact about the week is that we had a member at all three of our lessons on Friday and various lessons throughout the week! These members are on fire! I'm super thankful for them and that they're so willing to help us out. So shout out to the members! Haha. On Tuesday we had two members with us at a lesson, one of the ward missionaries Hermana Montiel, and our recent convert GABRIEL! It was so cool to have Gabriel there to share his testimony. Afterwards he was telling us about how much he loved teaching with us and told us he wants to come more often! 

We went to subway for dinner on Tuesday night and ahead of us in line was this adorable baby that kept running up to us and back to his mom. Long story short after we got our food we found out this child loves to take selfies and he got a pretty great candid picture of me in the background that I'll send :) 

Well today for pday we're finally going to visit downtown Chicago! It's been quite some time so I'm way excited. We're going to meet Hermana Ludivia from Chicago 4th for lunch and I can't wait to see her! Also can't go wrong with a reunion with a former companion that I love very much :) 

Well family and friends! You guessed it, testimony time! I know this gospel is true and it makes me so happy to be able to share it all day every day here in the mission field. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it truly is another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know my Savior and my Father in Heaven live and love us more than words can express, and I know that we can find the most joy, comfort, and peace in this life by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week! 

Mantener la sonrisa,

Hermana Knowles 

We were invited to sing this song at institute on Tuesday night :)

Mandó a Su Hijo
1.¿Cómo podía demostrar el Padre Su amor?
Mandó ̮a Su Hijo a nacer, pequeño Salvador.
¿Cómo podía indicar la senda a seguir?
Mandó ̮a Su Hijo a mostrar cómo ̮a los cielos ir.
Y de la muerte, ¿cómo nos podía enseñar?
Mandó ̮a Su Hijo a morir y a resucitar.
¿Qué es lo que nos pide Dios?
La fe ̮y la caridad, ser como Jesucristo fue
y ̮a a otros ayudar.
¿Qué pide Dios? Ser como Jesús.

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